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Our first 5k!

Robby and I recently ran our first 5k! Well, the first 5k we’ve run together (we’ve each done them separately). We’ve been trying to jog together in the mornings, and a few months ago we started pushing ourselves to run the 3-mile track at the Rose Bowl. When we realized we could run the whole thing without stopping, we decided to seek out a local 5k.

We discovered that Pasadena City College was holding a 5k charity race at the Rose Bowl in July, so we signed up. At 6am (ugh) on July 13, we pulled ourselves out of bed, laced up our running shoes, and hit the pavement.

Here we are, after mile 1!

It had been a few weeks since we’d run that far (so much for training!), so the race was a bit of a challenge. Despite snapping at each other a few times when one of us was running too fast, we managed to stay together and cross the finish line without walking at a semi-respectable 32:20 time.

We were both proud of ourselves for finishing the race. Will we do another one? Maybe…

Against the Wind

I used to jog regularly before Robby and I got married, but I got totally out of the habit after being sick so many times this year. :( This past week, Robby and I made a resolution to start running together at least 3 times a week. Our first week was a success–we managed to run 4 times!

So far, we’ve stuck to the same route: we run 1 mile south to the Caltech campus, then power walk back. Our goal is to run 2 miles at a time, at a 10 minute per mile pace…wish us luck!

If you’re interested, you can track our progress in the right sidebar of my blog. (Most of the stats are from last year (before I got lazy), but hopefully that will change soon!) I figured out how to sync my iPod with my Nike+ shoes, and Robby found a WordPress plugin that displays our workout stats. I love technology. :)