Slipcover Success! (And Coffee Table Makeover)

Just a quick post, since we’re off to multiple parties today (a friend’s daughter’s first birthday party, and a combined party for 3 of my sisters’ birthdays and my sister’s boyfriend, who got into medical school!).

When you last saw my sofa slipcover, it was a sad mess of light blue and grey splotches:


I did some Googling on the dye I used (Rit Pearl Grey), and found that many people had similarly disappointing results. I also found numerous people recommending a different brand and color for grey dye: Jacquard iDye in Silver Grey.

The biggest selling point for me on that particular dye is that it comes in easily dissolvable packets, and each packet dyes 2-3 pounds of fabric–so I would only need to order 7 to do my whole slipcover. Score! I searched around for the best price, and ordered 7 packets on sale from JoAnn Fabric.

After waiting 8 whole days for the dye to arrive (seriously, Amazon Prime has ruined me for other retailers!), I again started the process of dyeing my slipcover. I went much slower this time, dyeing smaller amounts in each load and doing calculations to make sure the dye concentration was consistent each time. And it worked like a charm–my slipcover is now a deep, even grey!!

Silver Grey for the win! Lucy approves, too. :)

The second part of my project was distressing, staining, and sealing a pine board and attaching it to the top of my coffee table. This was another success, and I think it makes the table look more casual and coordinated with the other furniture in the room.

Antique-stained pine top for the coffee table. Lucy's not as excited about that, ha.

Hooray for successful DIY decorating! The other fun thing is that Robby and I got a fancy new DSLR camera. I have a LOT to learn about how it works, but for now I love the “auto” setting. Here’s one more gratuitous shot of our living room using the new camera:

I love how much more in-focus my photos are with the new camera.

Last but not least, Happy Easter! We are looking forward to celebrating Jesus’ resurrection with our church family tomorrow.

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