Owen’s Monthly Update, Month 5

My happy baby is five months old already. I can hardly believe it! He’s getting so big:

Sitting up on his own!

And now for the update…

  • Vital stats: 16 lb, 6 oz; 27″ long. Wearing mostly 6-month clothes and some 9-month clothes.
  • Likes: LUCY! Owen is fascinated by her and screeches with glee every time he sees her. :D He also likes bath time, singing at church, bouncing in the jumperoo, playing with his toys, and “roughhousing” with daddy.
  • Dislikes: Loud noises, being in the car, and lying down (he ONLY wants to sit up these days).
  • Accomplishments: Sitting up unassisted! He can now sit for several minutes at a time and reach for toys, then put them in his mouth. It’s so neat to watch.
  • Challenges: We’re still struggling with short naps, and Owen is also getting more distracted at meal time so it’s hard to get him to eat more than an ounce or two at a time. We are looking forward to starting solid foods in just a few weeks!

Robby and I are so blessed to be Owen’s parents. We can’t get enough of that sweet baby!

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