Owen’s Monthly Update, Month 7

Month 7 was a big one for us, mainly because we were able to legally finalize Owen’s adoption! It is such a relief to know that he is permanently OURS!

Legally a Stephenson!

October also brought Owen’s first haircut and his first Halloween. He did great at the kids’ salon and sat so still!

Bye-bye, baby combover!

For Halloween, we dressed him up as Harry Potter, in a scarf and sweater vest I made him and glasses I found on Amazon:

Harry and Hedwig had a great Halloween!

Halloween also marked his 7th “month-day.” He’s getting so big!

It's hard to get a good picture when he won't sit still! ;)

Here’s what month 7 looked like:

  • Vital stats: 18 lb with clothes on; 28″ long. Wearing 9-month clothes, although some of them are getting too small and he fits in a few 12-month outfits (whoa!).
  • Likes: Lucy, as always! Owen also likes story time at the library, baths, babbling, rolling like a log, “crawling” (more like inch-worming), shopping with mommy (especially when he gets to ride in the cart). Food-wise, we’ve found that he enjoys bananas, butternut squash, and peas.
  • Dislikes: His car seat, sleeping (sigh), not being able to play with our phones/remotes/tablets/computers.
  • Accomplishments: Owen is also soooo close to crawling, and has even started pulling up and cruising on furniture (ack!). He is also babbling a lot and can say “mama” and “baba” (although we don’t think he really associates those sounds with actual concepts yet).
  • Challenges: Now that he’s getting more mobile, Owen is starting to get frustrated with his limitations. That means lots of whining when he can’t reach what he wants or get to where he wants to go!

I love seeing how much our little guy has grown and developed, but it sure it bittersweet to realize how big he’s getting. I miss my sweet, snuggly little newborn!

One thought on “Owen’s Monthly Update, Month 7”

  1. I love reading the monthly updates of that precious little one. I just cannot wait until Thanksgiving for some hugging time with him. I sure hope loud noises don’t scare him as much anymore because with all the family around there are sure to be some loud moments and a lot of “holding” the newest member of our family. Everyone is so excited to meet him. And to see you, Kim and Robby.

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