Owen’s Monthly Update, Month 8

I know I say this every month, but I just can’t believe how fast my baby is growing! I want time to slow down. :( That said, month 8 was a major one–Owen became mobile! Crawling has been both fun and challenging (for all of us!).

8 months old already!

"Let me see that camera, mom. Pleeeeeease!"

  • Vital stats: 18 lb., 2 oz.; 28.5″ long. 9-month clothes are getting too short, so he’s mostly wearing 12-month stuff now, even though it’s all too big for his skinny little waist…
  • Likes: Speed crawling and pulling up on furniture (!), hugging daddy when he gets home from work (awwwww), aquariums, musical toys, pens/electrical cords/remotes/keyboards/phones (sigh), hair-pulling (double sigh), bathtime, drinking from a straw, and Lucy, as always! Food-wise, he likes bananas, butternut squash, peas, puffs, waffles, and these apple-ginger teething cookies I found at Target.
  • Dislikes: His car seat, loud noises, having things taken away from him (electrical cords and pens, mainly).
  • Accomplishments: Crawling, cruising on furniture, and walking while holding our hands!
  • Challenges: Poor little Owen has had 3 colds in a 2-month span. We are all getting pretty tired of the congestion and snot! Also, he can pull up on furniture but hasn’t figured out how to get himself down yet, so he does a fair amount of whining. Overall, though, his cute moments far outnumber his difficult ones!

Owen really is the sweetest, cutest, happiest baby we’ve ever known, and it is so fun to watch his little personality develop each day. We are so blessed to be his parents!

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