Owen’s Monthly Update, Month 9

I cannot believe I’ve only got two more of these updates left before Owen is ONE. Slow down, baby!

Love that big smile!

Month 9 included Owen’s first Christmas and New Year’s Eve. He was rather bemused by the Christmas festivities, and asleep by 9pm on NYE. Heh. Here’s hoping he enjoys the holidays more next year!

He was more interested in the Christmas decorations than the presents.

Penguin sweater courtesy of Nana!

Here’s the standard update:

  • Vital stats: 18 lb. (he actually lost weight since last month, sigh…); 29.5″ long. Wearing 12-month clothes and size 3.5 shoes (he wears shoes!). And he now has 8 teeth!
  • Likes: Petting Lucy, shoelaces, blocks, throwing toys and food, going for walks, playing peekaboo, giving high fives (so cute!), music, eating veggie sticks and Snapea Crisps.
  • Dislikes: His car seat, loud noises, being told “no” (we’re in for trouble when he gets to be a toddler!).
  • Accomplishments: Walking with a push toy, pushing himself into a sitting position, saying “dada.”
  • Challenges: We’ve started sleep training, which has been rough. Owen’s also going through a separation anxiety phase, so there has been a fair amount of crying around our house lately. :( Overall, though, he is a really happy baby, and we are so blessed!

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