Bathroom Remodel!

December seems to be the month for bathroom remodels around here…in 2012, we re-did our downstairs powder room, and in 2013 we took on our full bathroom upstairs. This time, with a baby and Robby working long hours, we actually paid a remodeling company to do the work for us. I hate that we had to pay for work we could have done ourselves, but I’m so glad we didn’t have to spend every moment of our precious spare time working on the bathroom. :)

The process was kind of difficult, since the work ended up taking 2.5 weeks. Which means 2.5 weeks without a sink or toilet upstairs, and 2.5 weeks of trying to keep the dog and baby away from a construction site. But it was all worth it in the end, and I love how fresh and clean the bathroom feels now!

Here’s how the room looked before (it’s looked like this since it was built in 1981, yikes):

Vanity area off the master bedroom. Note the horrible pink tile, ugh.

Another view of the vanity area off the master bedroom.

Main bathroom.

Our construction pile in the living room! We got the vanities, counters/sinks, and floor tiles from Lowes. Faucets and accessories (towel bars/hooks, etc.) are the Moen Banbury suite from Home Depot.

And this is after demolishing everything but the shower:

Vanity area off the master bedroom, mid-demo.

Vanity area off the master bedroom. No more pink tile!

Main bathroom, mid-demo.

And, finally, the finished product!

Vanity area off the master bedroom. So much brighter and cleaner!

Vanity area off the master bedroom.

My nail polish and perfume cabinet in the vanity area off the master bedroom. :)

View from the master bedroom. Wall color is "Sea Salt" by Sherwin-Williams.

View from the vanity area into the main bathroom.

Sink in main bathroom.

I still need to find some kind of art to put over the toilet...and I also need to iron that shower curtain, yikes.

Now that we’ve re-done the flooring, ceilings, kitchen, powder room, and upstairs bathroom, I think we’ve finally finished all of our larger-scale remodeling projects! All that’s left to do to finally make this house complete is to update the fireplace (a mantel-less monstrosity covered in pink tile and tarnished brass), paint trim and doors, and switch out the doorknobs. Yay!

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