Owen’s Monthly Update, Month 10

Owen is actually turning 11 months tomorrow (I refuse to accept that he’s almost 1!), so I figure I’d better get this update written out while he’s still technically 10 months old. ;)

Love my happy boy!

He wanted my phone and was quite offended that I wouldn't share!

He thinks he's a puppy. :)

Month 10 (January) was a fun one–Owen just keeps getting bigger and stronger, and more interactive, too! Here’s how he grew and changed:

  • Vital stats: 19.2 lb. (he’s finally filling out a bit!); 29.5″ long. Wearing 12-month (and some 18-month) clothes and size 3.5 shoes. Still only 8 teeth, although those first molars are definitely on their way!
  • Likes: Going for walks (mainly, I suspect, because he enjoys eating off the stroller’s snack tray), “dancing,” giving daddy a big hug when he gets home from work (awwww), baths, shoelaces, blocks, throwing toys and food, watching clothes spin around in the dryer.
  • Dislikes: His car seat, loud noises, strangers.
  • Accomplishments: The most fun ones are clapping, reaching, and pointing–and also making the sign for “milk” a few times! Owen’s also eating lots of table foods, playing independently, climbing the stairs (yikes), and paying attention to books (this makes his librarian mommy very happy!). And we also did some sleep training, which FINALLY got him on a somewhat-predictable nap schedule. Hallelujah, and thank you, Dr. Weissbluth!
  • Challenges: This isn’t really specific to Owen, but Robby had to go on a 5-day work trip in early January. Owen is a pretty easy-going kid, but it was HARD to be the solo parent for 5 straight days! We also renovated our upstairs bathroom (5 feet from Owen’s crib) in January, which caused a lot of sleep interruptions. Glad to have both of those things done with!

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