Owen’s Monthly Update, Month 11

Not too many more of these monthly updates left! :( This first year has really flown by. I love watching Owen grow and change, but it is bittersweet to realize that my tiny infant is gone forever!

My sweet, happy boy!

Here’s what Owen was up to in February (month 11):

  • Vital stats: 19.6 lb.; 30″ long. Wearing 12-18-month clothes and size 4 shoes. Still only 8 teeth; those first molars are taking their time!
  • Likes: Pineapple, pizza, graham crackers, ice cream (I probably shouldn’t have given him that, but he begged for it and loved it); throwing toys down the stairs; brushing his teeth; drinking from a straw; spitting (sigh); playing with shoelaces; baths; “wrestling” with daddy. He’s also OBSESSED with this book of dog pictures–he begs to read it about 10 times a day (sometimes it’s the first thing he points at when he wakes up!) and laughs his head off every time we read it to him. So cute!
  • Dislikes: His car seat; having toys taken away.
  • Accomplishments: Standing unsupported (a couple of times); squatting; shaking his head “no”; babbling “mama” and “dada” all day; walking while holding our hands.
  • Challenges: Owen fell down two steps by our front door and got his first split lip. :( Even worse, it was while Robby was traveling for work so I had to deal with the blood and screaming all by myself–though I think it was more traumatic for me than for Owen! We also traveled to Atlanta for a family wedding, which was fun, but Owen’s sleep schedule got totally wrecked. He barely slept the whole time we were there, and it took him almost 2 weeks to get back on track.

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