Against the Wind

I used to jog regularly before Robby and I got married, but I got totally out of the habit after being sick so many times this year. :( This past week, Robby and I made a resolution to start running together at least 3 times a week. Our first week was a success–we managed to run 4 times!

So far, we’ve stuck to the same route: we run 1 mile south to the Caltech campus, then power walk back. Our goal is to run 2 miles at a time, at a 10 minute per mile pace…wish us luck!

If you’re interested, you can track our progress in the right sidebar of my blog. (Most of the stats are from last year (before I got lazy), but hopefully that will change soon!) I figured out how to sync my iPod with my Nike+ shoes, and Robby found a WordPress plugin that displays our workout stats. I love technology. :)

4 thoughts on “Against the Wind”

  1. Hey Kim!

    Thanks for the link to your blog- I LOVE it! You have lots of tasty looking recipes I’m going to try :) And I love that they’re easy. Your home renovations have turned out GREAT! You guys did a really nice job- lots of hard work but it shows.

    You’re now on my ‘following list’ and I’ll check back often!
    Great seeing you and Robby the other night :)


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