Weekend fun

Wow, two great weekends in a row! Last weekend Robby and I went to see Brad Paisley in concert on Saturday, then went to the Miramar air show on Sunday. I was more impressed by the airplanes than I expected to be (especially the Harrier jet that hovered and flew backwards, and the C-130 with jet-assisted takeoff–so awesome!), and Robby said going to Miramar let him cross something off his bucket list. :P

This past weekend was even better, since my two sisters-in-law traveled all the way from Atlanta to spend time with me! On Friday night we attempted to go to a TV show taping, but we didn’t get in since they had oversold the seats. :( So we drove back to Pasadena and had tapas and walked around the shops in Old Town.

Saturday we did a whirlwind tour of LA. We started with some shopping at the Grove and had lunch at the farmers’ market. Then we drove over to Beverly Hills and walked around Rodeo Drive, where we stared at all the ridiculously expensive cars and browsed at Tiffany’s (Robby, I have some suggestions for Christmas presents… ;)). Then we headed over to Westwood and had warm ice-cream cookie sandwiches at Diddy Riese. Finally, we drove up PCH and stopped in Malibu so Kelly could see the Pacific Ocean. We took the scenic route home through Malibu canyon, and had ravioli with homemade pasta sauce for dinner.

On Sunday, we went to church together, then had lunch with our friends Jason and Josh. We only had time for a quick drive-by of the Santa Monica pier before we had to take Kelly and Ashley to the airport. Robby and I both wish the visit could have been longer. We had a great time and I feel like I know my sisters-in-law better now. I can’t wait to see them both again at Thanksgiving!



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