Knitted Christmas Stockings

This project is actually a year in the making…

Last December, Martha Stewart Living magazine ran a feature on Christmas crafts that included instructions for these Sequined Mohair Stockings:

Pretty, right?

The pattern seemed pretty easy, so I decided to make these last year. The first obstacle I ran into was cost–the yarn that Martha suggested using would have set me back about $150 for 3 stockings (one for Robby, one for me, and one for Lucy). Yikes.

I ended up substituting some cheaper sequined and mohair yarns that I found on a Turkish website (which generated a “possible fraud” call from the Visa folks… :)), but I think the gauge was different. It ended up being really difficult to work with, too, and I gave up the project in frustration a week before Christmas.

My half-knitted, half-knotted stocking lay forgotten in my craft basket for months, until I came across it again about 6 weeks ago. I decided to give it another try, ripped out last year’s stitches, and started over. I added in a third strand of off-white worsted weight yarn to increase bulk, and things went well until it was time to finish the heel. Then, the directions were wrong, and I mis-calculated in trying to fix them. I ended up decreasing too quickly, leaving an ugly mess:

Stocking #1, with an ugly heel. :(

I then looked for another stocking pattern, thinking that perhaps it would be easier to work with. I ended up going with another Martha Stewart pattern. This one had a more complicated heel, but I think it turned out much better than the first one. Again, I think my gauge was off, which resulted in an odd-looking leg, but this ended up being the best of the 3 stockings that I made:

Stocking #2.

For my third and final stocking, I decided to combine the leg pattern from stocking #1 with the heel/toe decreasing pattern from stocking #2. I’m not sure that was a good decision, because the end result was a little weird. The heel looked ok, but the toe was too bulky:

Stocking #3. Sigh...

I’m glad I only needed to make 3 stockings, because I was pretty sick of the whole thing by the time I was done. I’m not really happy with the way the stockings turned out, either. I imagine someday I’ll try again, adapting the pattern to correct the gauge, and maybe springing for the expensive yarn that Martha recommended.

But right now I can’t even fathom trying to start over. I’ve got a whole slew of new projects I’d rather be working on!

2 thoughts on “Knitted Christmas Stockings”

  1. Oh Kim, I gotta give you credit for persevering through three stockings. I would have given up after the first one :) I’m always impressed with people who know how to knit, it just looks too complicated to me.

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