Anniversary Weekend, in Pictures

Robby and I just returned from a wonderful and relaxing anniversary weekend in Santa Barbara. My wonderful husband planned the whole thing as a surprise for me, and he did a great job!

On Friday afternoon, we took this…

Amtrak Surfliner

…from Burbank to Santa Barbara. Riding the train was a thrill for Robby, and way more relaxing for me than driving. :)

Riding the train!

It's too bad airplanes don't have this much legroom.

Once we got to Santa Barbara, we checked in here…

Harbor View Inn, Santa Barbara.

…then had dinner and wandered around State Street.

Our Saturday began with this…

Walking along the pier.

…which led to a bit of this:

Watching sea lions.

After a walk, I visited the spa for one of these…

Massage! (No, that's not me...)

…and then we hit the town for lunch and a bit of shopping. That evening, we went out for a fancy dinner, then fell asleep to the sound of the ocean outside our window.

Sunday morning began with a walk here…

Cabrillo Blvd.

Santa Barbara harbor.

…and then some of this…


…before a trip here…

Kalyra Winery tasting room.

…for a bit of wine tasting. We really enjoyed the delicious dessert wines!

Finally, we boarded the train and headed back home. Thank you to my brilliant, handsome, and thoughtful husband Robby for planning such a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Anniversary Weekend, in Pictures”

  1. Yeah!!!! Robby is such a thoughtful guy. glad you enjoyed the trip. Looks like a special time for both of you.

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