Kitchen is finally finished!

Um, hi. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated the blog! I decided to go back to school to finish my MBA (which I started back before Robby and I got married), and I sort of fell into a black hole of working, working, working, and studying, studying, studying. Now that I have a week off from work for Christmas, I figured I’d update you on the kitchen, which is finally finished!

The biggest project left to complete was tiling the backsplash, and we decided to do it ourselves.

We went with a pretty blue and grey glass mosaic tile:

Mosaic tile, ready for installation.

In our DIY tile installation, we were helped immeasurably by the invention of this handy product:

The SimpleMat tile-setting mat: no mastic needed!

This tile-setting mat allowed us to mount our tile without having to mix or spread mastic–hooray! Basically, you just peel off the backing, stick it to the wall, peel off the front, and press the tile in place:

Tile-setting mat, ready for tiles.

Here we are pressing the tile into place:

Installing tile under the microwave was the most difficult part.

My favorite handyman. :)

Once we got to a corner, we had to cut the tiles, which was a bit of a challenge. We ordered our very own tile scorer, which helped a lot:

Cutting tiles.

Here are the tiles mounted to the wall, before grout:

All finished with the mounting!

After letting the tiles set for 24 hours, we followed up with grout:

Excuse the exercise clothes!

Once the grout cured, our backsplash was finished!

Tile and grout.

So here’s the finished product, with all the pieces in place:

My fabulous kitchen!

Another view. I think the glass doors are my favorite part of the kitchen (along with our beloved Keurig!).

We installed a pantry cabinet. Such a luxury to have all my baking supplies and canned goods in one place!

I love my Caesarstone counters, stainless-steel sink and high-arched faucet. Oh, and my Christmas tree in the background. :P

If it’s not obvious by now, I LOVE MY KITCHEN! I feel very blessed that we were able to update our retro 1980s kitchen into such a beautiful, functional space.

4 thoughts on “Kitchen is finally finished!”

  1. OK, Kim. I love seeing what you have done to decorate. Very talented, you are! We’ll have to come see it in person soon.

  2. And we’re glad you are in the Stephenson clan, too. In all it’s bleeding orange glory! You and Robby have a blessed Christmas and know we will miss you both.

  3. Nice job! The kitchen looks fantastic!!! Now I’m curious…I think it would be fun to post Before pictures from when Robby lived there by himself, and After pictures now. You guys have done so much updating during the past 3 years, I bet the difference between the two would be unrecognizable.

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