Christmas decor 2011

Since we traveled for Thanksgiving, we’re spending Christmas in Southern California this year. That gave me an excuse to pull out all the stops with Christmas decor! It took me a while to get everything up because I’ve been so busy with school (I actually just finished decorating today), but I love the final result. It’s so nice to be surrounded by cozy Christmas sights and smells. :)

Decorating our tree!

We went with a Noble Fir (real, of course!). I've really been enjoying the pine scent.

View from the front door. That lamp is new, and such a fun color!

View across the living room. I added (faux) wreaths to the doors, some pillows from Crate and Barrel, a snowman decoration from Robby's mom, and a hand-carved Nativity scene that Robby got in Europe. Also, now that we have a pantry, we moved our old dish storage cabinets out into the dining area.

Our dining room table, all decked out in fancy Christmas linens from my sweet mother-in-law (who also painted that waterfall picture!). The tablecloth is the perfect size for our little table--thanks, Carol! We moved the dresser from upstairs, and it's perfect for holding extra tablecloths and knickknacks.

Since we don't have a mantel, I hung our (homely) hand-knit stockings from the bookcase (which we moved to the upstairs landing). We have an odd number of stockings (one each for Robby, me, and Lucy), so I added a fun jingle bell wreath to balance things out.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

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