Kim & Robby’s European Adventure, Part 1: LA to Florence

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything! School and work have really kept me busy this year, but I’m back to document our latest adventure: a trip to Europe. :)

Robby and I recently returned from an 8-day trip to Italy and the UK. Our purpose was two-fold: we were there both to sightsee and to visit Robby’s sister Ashley, who is studying abroad in Italy this year. Sadly, much of our vacation was marred by a terrible case of food poisoning, but we were able to make some good memories that I plan to document in three posts (one for each city we visited). So, on to part one!


We left LA on a sunny Friday afternoon, full of anticipation for the amazing trip we had planned.

Getting ready to board the Metro.

Arrivederci, LA!

After taking the Metro and flyaway bus to LAX, we settled in for a long, long overnight flight to London Heathrow. After many hours of TV, movies, and restless attempts at sleep, we landed in London and caught a 1-hour bus to Gatwick airport for a connecting flight to Pisa, Italy.

Made it to London--part 1 of the journey complete!

Waiting for the bus to Gatwick.

Unfortunately, things went off-track on the trip to Gatwick as the nausea began to set in. By the time we got on our flight to Pisa, we were both struck down by food poisoning (I actually had it much worse than Robby, which meant he really had to take charge of getting us to our hotel). By the grace of God, we got through our 2-hour flight to Pisa, followed by a 45-minute wait at baggage claim, a 1-hour wait for our bus, and then a 1-hour bus ride from Pisa to Florence. Thankfully, Ashley was able to meet us at the airport to help us get to the right place! We FINALLY made it to our hotel around 2am on Easter Sunday. Let me just say that 24+ hours of travel with food poisoning made for one of the worst days of my life. :(

The next day (Easter) passed in a feverish. nauseated haze. Luckily, Robby had recovered enough to venture over to Ashley’s apartment in Florence, and the two of them were my guardian angels. They tracked down Gatorade, toast, soup, and anti-nausea medicine while I holed up in my hotel room (which was actually quite nice!) and slept.

Our hotel room in Florence.

What I did in our hotel room in Florence. :(

By Monday morning, I felt a tiny bit better, so we attempted to see some of the sights in Florence, starting with the church of Santa Maria del Fiore and the Duomo. We also saw some sculptures and got Robby some pasta.

Inside the Santa Maria del Fiore.

Robby posing by the Hercules statue.

Robby enjoying some gnocchi!

Unfortunately, it was a bit too much for me, and I spent the rest of the day back at the hotel, feeling miserable. :( Robby and Ashley spent the afternoon and evening exploring Florence.

Robby in front of the Ponte Vecchio.

On Tuesday morning, I felt a bit better, so we headed out to the Accademia to see the David sculpture and do some shopping. While David was suitably awe-inspiring, the real highlight of my day was a visit to the Prada store, where a spent a hard-earned chunk of change on a gorgeous pink wallet. Yay!

Prada store in Firenze!

My precious... :)

On Tuesday afternoon, Robby and I caught a high-speed train to Rome for part 2 of our European adventure…

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  1. So sorry that your Florence visit was such a disappointment but that Prada wallet may have made up for it! Loved reading all the details. You must have taken notes!!

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