Nightstand Makeover

So this isn’t quite as exciting as my last post (how can you top Jeopardy!?), but it’s made a big difference in how our bedroom looks. I finally got around to painting Robby’s nightstand!

Pretty black nightstand!

Another shot of the finished product.

Here’s a reminder of how our bedroom furniture used to look (from this post on creating an upholstered headboard):

Before shot with mis-matched furniture.

We found my nightstand (on the left) on Craigslist a few years back.

My Craigslist find. Lucy's crate used to be next to it, but her snoring got to be too much so we moved her out into the hallway. Sorry, puppy!

The seller only had one, and since Robby’s current nightstand is nice solid wood I decided that I would paint his black to match…I just never got around to it until last month!

I had seen this tutorial a few times on Pinterest, and was impressed with the results. So I decided to follow the directions exactly, even though it meant dragging Robby to 2 different paint stores to find the right wood enamel. :)

Close-up of the finish.

I didn’t get quite as smooth a finish as the original painter, but I still think it turned out pretty well. And with the addition of new brushed-chrome knobs, our nightstands finally (almost) match!

I think this side of the room is finally finished! Next up: painting the dresser and getting a new mirror...

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