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A blog? Seriously?

Yep, I caved to Robby’s insistence that I should keep a blog. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with it, but right now I’m thinking that I’ll use it to keep track of what happens in my busy life–new recipes, photos, travels, books, home renovations, web design stuff, etc.

So why the name “Multifaceted Kim” for this blog? Well, it all goes back to a story my parents tell about how they named me. Apparently, a few days before I was born they watched a National Geographic documentary about Kimberley, a city in South Africa where many of the world’s diamonds are mined. When I was born, my dad thought my eyes sparkled like diamonds, and my parents remembered the documentary. Thus, my name (and its unusual spelling) came about because my parents love National Geographic documentaries. :)

When Robby and I had been dating for a few weeks, I told him that story. Ever since then, he’s called me his multifaceted jewel, both because of the story and because I’m interested in so many different things. When we talked more about setting up a blog, the name “Multifaceted Kim” came to mind easily!

So, I’m hoping this blog will become a record of my busy life, and possibly also a way for family and friends to keep up with the Stephensons…